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Lead Generation

Program Details

To comple­ment your imagePRESS  C7010VP/C6010VP/C6010/C7000VP/C6000VP/C6000 or imagePRESS 1135P/1125P/1110P/1110S, Canon developed a dynamically distinctive program to equip graphic communication executives with a suite of robust business development tools and an expert mentoring plan tailored to specific business conditions. This total package is designed to help you bring accelerated success to your digital business.

The Canon Essential Business Builder Program offers tactical ideas on how to exam­ine your existing business and then market high-performance applications to maximize productivity.*  Additionally, a mentoring program is available for those seeking a more personalized business as­sessment to  understand how to effectively build and manage their business.

With Canonís unique suite of business building tools and mentoring program, you will find practical advice on how to jump-start your success and competitively position your graphic communications business with unparalleled business development ideas to achieve profitable growth.

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Canon USA makes no representations or warranties with respect to business results or impact (including, without limitation, increased revenues, profits or business) as a result of your participation in the Essential Business Builders Program.

*The Essential Business Builder suite of tools comes with the purchase of your imagePRESS C7010VP/C6010VP/C6010/C7000VP/C6000VP/C6000 or imagePRESS 1135P/1125P/1110P/1110S.